Welcome to Paulaner Bräuhaus Shanghai

BLN Restaurants & Caterings’ Paulaner Bräuhaus Shanghai brand was created in 1997. Since then, Paulaner Bräuhaus Shanghai has acted as an ambassador of the authentic Bavarian lifestyle and has been setting new culinary and hospitality trends in Shanghai while maintaining its traditional Bavarian roots. The Paulaner Bräuhaus Shanghai brand has two locations at Binjiang Dadao in Pudong, as well as at the North Bund in Hongkou.

Paulaner Wirtshaus @ Binjiang opened its doors on May 21st, 2003. Ideally located in close proximity to the Lujiazui Financial District along the banks of the Huangpu River in Pudong, the restaurant boasts one of the most stunning views of Shanghai’s historic Bund. Paulaner Wirtshaus @ North Bund features one of the most stunning views of Shanghai’s historic Bund and majestic Lujiazui skyscrapers. Both restaurants serve authentic Bavarian and German specialties, as well as other international fare, and of course the popular freshly brewed Paulaner beers.

Paulaner Wirtshaus @ North Bund

Paulaner Wirtshaus @ Binjiang

Freshly brewed Paulaner beers

The Paulaner brewery located in Shanghai brews delicious and fresh Paulaner Beer according to the German Law of Purity – one of the oldest food preparation rules in the world, dating back to 1516 – and offer three varieties of traditional Bavarian beers: Lager, Dark and Wheat. Brewed with our own high-tech equipment, the characteristics of the beers are initially soft, bitter, of sufficient body, and free from off flavors. Because our beer is unfiltered it becomes cloudy when dispensed, distinguished by its natural coloring and appearance. Furthermore, having our own brewery enables us to guarantee freshness to our beer that is otherwise difficult to find.