Home-brewed Paulaner beer in Shanghai

Our Paulaner beers strictly adhere to the German Law of Purity. They are brewed by our German Brew Master, offering exclusive freshly-brewed Paulaner beer in Shanghai. Besides special seasonal brews, we always have Paulaner Bräuhaus Lager, Paulaner Bräuhaus Dark Lager and Paulaner Bräuhaus Weissbier on tap.

Paulaner Bräuhaus Lager

Our Paulaner Bräuhaus Lager is a bright golden beer, pleasantly malty with subtle notes of hops. Full-bodied, amber-colored and bottom-fermented. Due to our brewing style this beer is a true pleasure throughout the year. It pairs well with light meats, light vegetables.

  • 12,3 % Original Wort
  • 5,2 % Alcohol

Paulaner Bräuhaus Dark Lager

A full-bodied beer specialty. Rich, intensely malty with subtle notes of caramel and roasted malt. A beer brewed in traditional Munich style. If you are looking for a beer with character then our Dark Lager is your first choice. It pairs well with dark meats, dark vegetables, cheese.

  • 12,3 % Original Wort
  • 5,0 % Alcohol

Paulaner Bräuhaus Weissbier

Our Paulaner Bräuhaus Weissbier is a fresh, fruity beergarden classic – naturally cloudy, amber-colored with a strong, white foam head. The soul of this beer specialty is the top-fermenting yeast. This gives our Weissbier its distinctive character: naturally cloudy, fruity with a light bitterness.

  • 12,3 % Original Wort
  • 5,2 % Alcohol

The same Brewing Process since 1634

Even in today’s modern times and even in Shanghai – one of the most fast paced cities – Paulaner Bräuhaus Shanghai proudly brews its beers as in the old days: unfiltered and natural, thus retaining its characteristic smoothness and unique flavor. Like with any good recipe you must begin with good, high quality ingredients. Using state of the art equipment, our beer is still brewed according to the 1516 German Law of Purity, issued by Duke Heinrich. It is considered to be one of the oldest food preparation rules in the world. The law stipulates that only the purest ingredients can be used to brew beer: water, malt, hops and yeast. Since opening in 1634, Paulaner is still committed to using only these pure and fresh ingredients. The entire brewing process – from raw ingredients to enjoying a fresh draft – takes approximately 28 days, or six stages, to complete.


In this stage the malt is mashed and mixed with warm water. Enzymes present in the malt turn it into a liquid solution called “mash”


In the lauterun cattle the insoluble grains are separated from the mash. The insoluble malt residue settles as spent grains on the bottom of the vat. The liquid extract is collected in the kettle.


The liquid is then boiled for approximately 70 minutes. Meanwhile hops is added.


The wort is cooled to a temperature of 10-12 °C and aerated with pressurized air.


The sufficiently cooled wort is transferred to fermentation tanks where yeast is added to activate the fermentation process, which takes about six days to complete. At the end of this stage, the malt sugar in the wort is converted into alcohol and CO2.


Before the beer is considered ready, it must undergo an aging process. The beer is stored for approximately three weeks in storage tanks at 0 °C. It is during this stage that the beer develops its characteristic flavor and color. After the maturation stage, the beer is transferred directly to dispensing tanks at the bar and is ready for consumption.