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In May 2010, Paulaner Bräuhaus Shanghai opened its largest outlet with around 800 seats just in time with the opening of Shanghai World Expo.

Being placed alongside Shibo Avenue (lit. Expo Avenue) – the former glorious gateway to enter the Expo grounds and leading directly towards the monumental Chinese Pavilion – Paulaner @ Expo has indeed a special location.

Historical Building & Bavarian Interior Design

The first and second floors of a former distillery are home to Paulaner @ Expo and its microbrewery. BLN Restaurants & Caterings restored this old building to serve as a reminder and relic of the district’s industrial past.

The restaurant is decorated in typical Bavarian décor, creating a comfortable and boisterous atmosphere with traditional furniture and European antiques. And while Paulaner @ Expo can seat up to 500 customers indoors, guests will still be able to get a feel for Bavaria’s well-known sense of “Gemütlichkeit” (lit: “coziness”) through the restaurant’s relaxed and rustic charm. The property also has a Beer Garden for additional 240 guests to enjoy fresh brews of our celebrated Paulaner Beer.

The total capacity might probably be the largest of a western restaurant in Shanghai and allows hosting events and functions for up to 1,000 guests.


Also here, good entertainment is one of the factors of success. The live entertainment in the evening starts with warm and easy listening background music, and as the evening progresses, so does the spirit of the music, as the restaurant’s Filipino band livens the place up with songs everyone can enjoy.

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