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White Asparagus

From April 10, 2020 onwards until supplies last
Paulaner @ Binjiang and @Xintiandi

Enjoy fresh White Asparagus at Paulaner @ Binjiang and @ Xintiandi from middle of April until season lasts.

As a symbol of the spring season in Germany, asparagus is very popular when the weather gets warmer. Only harvested in spring, this high quality product is popular for its earthy, nutty flavor and aromatic taste as well as high nutrition. Because of its low calorie content and numerous health benefits, asparagus has been a tasty addition to the curriculum of kings and nobles throughout the history.

From April 10, 2020 onwards, Paulaner @ Binjiang and @ Xintiandi will offer traditional White Asparagus dishes in our small a la carte selection, such as the classic one goes with ham, potatoes and sauce hollandaise.

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