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Chinese New Year Holiday

February 11th-17th, 2021
Paulaner @ Xintiandi

At the downtown of Shanghai, Paulaner @ Xintiandi is a place for people to enjoy the relaxation and comfortness. During the Chinese New Year, Paulaner will launch the sharing platter and snack combination to celebrate the festival with everyone.

Bavarian Surf & Turf Sharing Platter
Grilled Beef Tenderloin & Lamb Chops /
Dill Fried Tiger Prawns / Grilled Cod Fish Fillet / Braised Chicken Legs /
Pork Knuckle and Grilled Bavarian Sausages /
Served with Spinach / Ratatouille, Sauerkraut /
Parsley Potatoes and Sliced Bread Dumplings

Chinese New Year Snack Combination
Curry Sausage / Beer Salami / Prosciutto Crudo / Prosciutto Cotto /
Cheese / Graved Salmon / Fried Scampi / Chicken Yakitori /
Fried Onion Rings / Prawn Cracker / Dips
The price is RMB 288

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