Masterly Teppanyaki Cuisine and Attentive Service

Ambrosia @ EXPO offers a contemporary French Teppanyaki experience set within a casual fine dining atmosphere. We focus on superb food quality, only selecting the finest ingredients ranging from fresh fish and seafood to the best quality of Wagyu beefs.

As is the nature of Teppanyaki, guests will enjoy a live cooking show with their meals, while our chefs prepare guests’ food tableside. But unlike at other Teppanyaki restaurants in Shanghai, Ambrosia’s food is served like a French inspired coursed meal. The intentional limited seating around each Teppanyaki table ensures attentive service and an intimate dining experience.

  • steamed egg/fish roe
  • teppan/seasonal vegetable
  • Japanese tamago/oyster
  • baked/escargot
  • steamed/baby abalone/sake
  • salad/fruit/yogurt
  • roasted/French escargot
  • teppan/mushroom/garlic
  • salad/seafood
  • three kinds flavor/foie gras/mousse
  • deep fried/mixed tempura
  • clam chowder
  • mushroom soup / cream
  • onion soup / French style
  • beef consommé
  • stir fried/mussel/garlic/white wine
  • teppan/Icelandic codfish/apple/miso
  • teppan/salmon/onion/mint
  • teppan/tiger prawn/honey/lemon
  • teppan/scallop/asparagus/pesto
  • king crab/soufflé
  • teppan/salmon head
  • teppan/king crab leg/seaweed/butter
  • spiny lobster
  • Boston lobster
  • Australian lobster
  • teppan/chicken/bacon/honey
  • teppan/pork neck
  • teppan/foie gras/wine simmered pears
  • teppan/beef roll
  • teppan/beef tenderloin
  • teppan/beef ribeye
  • teppan/lamb chop
  • teppan/beef tenderloin/foie gras
  • teppan/surf and turf
    half Boston lobster/beef ribeye(150g)
  • teppan/beef tomahawk (1000g)
  • teppan/M5 wagyu tenderloin
  • teppan/M5 wagyu ribeye
  • teppan/M7 wagyu tenderloin
  • teppan/M7 wagyu ribeye
  • teppan/M9 wagyu tenderloin
  • teppan/M9 wagyu ribeye
  • steamed/rice/teppan/chicken leg
  • fried/udon
  • fried/rice/baby shrimp/eel
  • beef consommé/beef/rice
  • pasta/seafood/pesto
  • pudding/mocha/red bean paste
  • popcorn/caramel
  • Japanese dorayaki/vanilla ice cream
  • teppan/banana/chocolate ice cream
  • chocolate fondant/strawberry ice cream
  • fruit

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How to find us

Ambrosia Teppanyaki Restaurant
4th Floor, #555 Shibo Avenue
Pudong, Shanghai, 200125

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